Done For You

With the Done For You service, we will do it all.

You purchase as much time as you need or can afford.

What you get

  • A no obligation, 60 minute strategy session
  • A two-hour, one-on-one, strategy session where we create the blue print for your automation solution.
  • With the blue print, we build the system. You're along for the journey as we build, test, and validate the processes you need for your business.
  • We deliver the final outcome, fully documented, with training provided to you and your team.

Getting started


Book your FREE, no obligation 60 minute strategy session

During our hour together, we talk about:

  • Your business and what it is you want to achieve
  • Where automation can be used to help you achieve those goals
  • Strategies you can implement straight away

We will take what we’ve learned about your business and create a plan and proposal

We’ll quickly audit your marketing and sales activities to find powerful leverage points in your business that can be automated and learn what time-sucking marketing and sales activities we can turn on autopilot.


Get your plan & proposal

You’ll get a plan and proposal from us to see what it would take for us to help you implement marketing automation in your business.

Are you ready to make your business work smarter?

Schedule your FREE Automation Strategy session!

Then, if you want to work with us...


You purchase a block of time. How much time will depend on your budget and the recommendation in our proposal.


Schedule a 2-hour one-on-one appointment where we take your plan and create a detailed blueprint. This session is held in person (if you live in the south-east Queensland region) or online via Zoom.


We build your automation ecosystem according to the blueprints. We continually test and verify with you that the work is as you expected.


We deliver a fully documented system for your marketing and business automation. We include training so know what you need to do to follow your plan and achieve your outcomes.

And if you don't need us to do it all...

you can use our services to:


Create the blueprint

Together, we create the detailed blueprint that you can use to build your automation ecosystem yourself


Create automations

We can build just the automations you've already mapped out.


Audit your account

If you're not sure if your ActiveCampaign account is setup the best it could be.


Clean up

If you account is a bit of a mess, we can clean it up efficitenly and effictively with little or no down time.



If you're moving from another email service, we can move all of your accounts to your ActiveCampaign account.


And more

If you need work done, talk to us first. We'll advise you of the best approach to help you decide which way to go.

Your Investment

5 Hours


One time payment

Great for small projects, consultations, and basic automations.

Must be used with 30 days of purchase

10 Hours


One time payment

Great for building out complex automations and integrations where staff need to be trained.

Must be used within 60 days of purchase


20 Hours


One time payment

For bigger projects that need multiple automations, landing pages, integrations, and staff training.

Must be used within 90 days of purchase

The Retainer


One time payment

You get up two hours a month for 12 months. Ideal for ongoing support.

Must be used within 12 months of purchase.

For less than five hours, I bill at $120 per hour.
  • The cost of ActiveCampaign or any other software is NOT included in this price.

Are you ready to make your business work smarter?

Schedule your FREE Automation Strategy session!

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