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Are There Limits To “Unlimited”?

While you can submit unlimited tasks, there are some rules that you should be aware of.

These rules make it fair for you, other clients, and me. Afterall, I can work on only so many tasks at a time. Having these rules and you understanding them keeps you happy and keeps this service affordable for you.

Make sure you read and understand the Fair Use Policy and the Terms of Service before signing up.

I want to make sure you understand how the Getting Shit Done service works.

I limit the number of clients who sign up for the Getting Shit Done service. This is so I can make sure that your task is completed within the 3 day time limit.

Each client can submit multiple tasks. These tasks are queued.

If you submit a task now, that’s on the top of your queue. But may not be on top of my queue.

If another client submits a task, yours will be completed before that task. If you submit a 2nd task, yours in now third in my list. I complete your first task, the other client’s task, then your 2nd task.

This allows all clients to have a fair access to my expertise.

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