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Avoid Delays By Doing These Things

Both of us want your task completed as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

To do that, there are some things that you should avoid when submitting or replying to tasks.

Don’t ask for too much in one task

A task cannot take more than one hour to complete.

A task should achieve one specific outcome. That outcome could be a change to a web page, create a lead magnet delivery automation, or create a sign-up form and link it to an automation.

Keep your task to one thing at a time.

If you want an opt-in page created, a sign-up form embedded, a confirmation page created, and a lead-magnet delivery automation created, that is at least four tasks.

  1. Create opt-in page.
  2. Create sign-up form.
  3. Create confirmation page.
  4. Create lead magnet delivery automation.

But think about the order in which these tasks are completed.

I may not be able to create a sign-up form if the confirmation page doesn’t exist.

I won’t be able to complete the lead magnet delivery automation if you don’t have the lead magnet.

If we’re part way through a task and you think of a related task, submit a new task.

If the new task needs to be completed before other submitted tasks, you’ll need to submit it as a priority task remembering to manage the priorities of your tasks in your My Tasks list.

Always submit a new task using the New Task button

Don’t reply to an email related to one task asking for another task to be completed.

Lodge a new task request.

Don’t assume I remember your previous task

Each task is unique so think of submitting a task as if it were the first one you ever lodged.

Never assume I’ll remember what I did the last time or the time before that.

If I have to go back to see what you’re talking about, this will delay your task and the task of other clients.

By all means include a previous Task ID. This can help put your new task into context but don’t use that as a way of avoiding repeating yourself. After all, it’s quicker and easier for you to copy and paste from an earlier email that it is for me to try and find it.

Include ALL required information

Let’s imagine your task is a webpage.

You send me the landing page copy, a link to the form to be embedded, and the images.

What more could I possibly need?

How about the page title?

Now I get back to you asking for that. You don’t check your emails and it’s a few days. Meanwhile, in your Task List, there’s a status of Awaiting customer reply.

Your task is delayed while I’m waiting for you to send me some information.

Changed or incorrect login details

If you’re a conscientious computer user, you’re changing passwords at last one per month.

But, you haven’t let me know.

This isn’t a problem if you’re using LastPass and you’ve shared it with me.

But if you’ve only sent me the login details via PrivNote, I won’t know when you change it.

Did you check the password you sent me? This happens. You think it abc but it’s actually ABC.

Again, this causes a delay.

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