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Guide To Sending An Automated Email Series Task

Use this guide if you need an automation sequence to deliver an email series.

Attach ONE single document for any emails that you want included in the automation sequence. The details of each email should include:

You can download an example here.

Custom fields

If any custom fields are to be included, indicate these in the message body copy. For example, %FIRSTNAME%.


Include any tags that are to be added and/or removed when the recipients selects the link or linked image.


Indicate where in the message body images should be placed.

Attach or provide a link where I can download the images.

Images should be no wider than 650 pixels.

Map it out

While you may send me a word picture of the automation flow, by far the best way to show me what you want is to create a diagram.

This can be hand drawn, or link to an online flow chart style map.

If you’re not sure what it might look like, a list of what happens when or a very rough diagram will do. I’ll be in touch and together we’ll fine tune it.

You can see an example here.

Linked pages or files

If you want me to create the page or file that the email will link to, submit this task BEFORE you submit the automation request.

If you’re going to do them, they need to be done BEFORE you submit the automation request.

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