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How To Break Down A Project Into Tasks

To make sure you make the most of your subscription, and you don’t end up having to pay more for me to complete a project, the simplest approach is to break your project down into a number of tasks.

You do this by taking a simple approach.

A task should be based on one skill set

Each task should required one skill set. For example, if you submit a task to develop an opt-in form and embed it onto a WordPress page, this requires two skill sets. The form builder (Gravity forms for example) and WordPress. I would send this back suggesting it be submitted as two tasks. Develop a form and Embed it onto a web page.

The level of complexity

I see this all the time. ‘Tasks’ that cause confusion, frustration, mistakes and delays.

Keeping a task simple is a simple as having one outcome. An outcome could be to create one thing or change one thing. This means a task is created quickly, with no confustion, no errors and no back and forth.

I would much rather you submit several small simple tasks, say 15 minutes to complete, than a ‘task’ squeezed into 1 hour that is confusing, isn’t clear, and need further clarification.

Tools to help you manage your projects

When you work me, YOU are the Project Manager. I simply bring my skills and experience to your project.

I won’t use your project management tools. That’s up to you keep track of what needs to be done and what’s been done.

Some tools that can help you manage projects include…

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