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Task Examples

Creating a lead capture form

Needing to capture leads on a landing page, or your website and send it through to your Email Marketing platform, or just want to receive an email notification. We can build you a form easily.

Email automation

Written an email series like (Immediately send this, 2 days later send this, 7 days later do this) and want this to go to the people you captured in that lead capture form? We can do that. Follow these instructions on how to provide info on this.

Blog post created

Send me the post content and related images, and I'll get it formatted on your website ready to be published.

Update content on your website

Do you need a testimonial added, an image changed, text changed, colours or anything else related to the look of your website? I'll make the change.

Setup a payment form

If you want to use Stripe to accept payments, I can setup an order form on your website or other service.

Facebook, Twitter, Google, Youtube retargeting pixels

Adding tracking codes to your website can be confusing. I'll put these on all the pages of your website.

Build a simple landing page

Using Elementor, I can build you a simple opt-in or landing page using a predefined template structures.

Import contacts into your CRM or email marketing platform

Have a CSV file and need help importing it into your crm or email marketing platform?

And more.

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