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Task Turnaround Time

I aim to complete within an average of 3 business days.

The average turnaround time is calculated from the time you submit your task until you confirm that the task has been completed to your requirements.

However, if I need to ask you question or need something from you or someone else on your behalf, the clock stops.

For example, if you request a task on Wednesday morning and I ask you a question at midday. My clock stops. You answer that question at midday on Thursday. That 24 hour period from when I asked the question until you responded does not count towards the average completion time. I still have 2.5 days to complete the task even though 3.5 days have passed.

How is task priority determined?

Tasks are started on a first come first served basis. The task you submitted yesterday morning has priority over a task that someone else submited this morning.

Do you guarantee turnaround times?

No. There can be so many things that are outside of my control that will delay things.

Delays can be caused by:

What happens if I have a task that can't wait 3 days?

When you submit a task, set it as a Priority task.

This will not get your task complete sooner but it will put that task to the top of your list.

Tips to make sure your task isn't delayed

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