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Tips For Sending A Troubleshooting Task

This guide gives you the information you need to provide when you send me a trouble-shooting task.

Let me know what it is you want me to trouble shoot.

For example, website, Zapier, ActiveCampaign automation.

Make sure you tell me:

What is happening that SHOULDN’T? For example, “When someone subscribes to my newsletter, they always get my welcome series even if they’re already a lead. I only want them to get the welcome series once.”

What should be happening but ISN’T? For example, “When someone joins my membership site, they should get a confirmation email and payment receipt. They don’t get anything.”

What do I need to do to replicate the problem? For example, sign-up for the newsletter.

If it helps, send me a screen-shot or a link to a screen recording that highlights the problem. For example, if you see an error message.

Anything, no matter how insignificant it may seem to you, that might help identify the problem quickly. For example, this is happening to a client or I get the same issue on different web browsers.

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