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Learn how to plan and create automated processes to help grow your business.

I bet you’re wondering if working with Atomic Automation is for you. Take a look through some of our client success stories. We’ve helped clients in a variety of industries with their marketing and sales  automation. If you book a call and we’re not 100% sure we can help you reach your goal, we’ll refer you to someone else.

I was trying to manage communication for 2-3 businesses. Also customers and prospective clients interact at different times and points in a process, it was hard to manually keep up. We were having double bookings and missed opportunities. Our businesses felt unprofessional, out of control. Working with Shane, I was able to provide a better customer experience. Now my website talks to my email automation and I know the customer is being looked after in terms of receiving information at the right time. For anyone who is not sure whether to work with Shane, I say if they deal with customers who need to receive any form of email communication, they are crazy not to. Also Shane’s knowledge of getting multiple systems to work together to remove the need for manual intervention is great. Overall Shane’s driver has always the customer in mind which is different to many other businesses.
I struggled to just sorting out how ActiveCampaign would work for my business and getting everything automated. I felt swamped. I was totally confused and the more I read and watched videos, the more confused I got. Once I started working with Shane, I had pin-point clarity and focus on what needed to be done, how it was to be structured and the continual support by Shane is outstanding!!! We now have a system that WORKS!!! Don't waste time trying to figure it out yourself. It is FAR cheaper, and heaps quicker, to get Shane in and to analyse your entire business and how best to structure ActiveCampaign.
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